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Our Mission

WWTB's mission is the global eradication of tuberculosis through the identification of safe and effective treatment regimens of very short durations.

This will be achieved through:

  • Conducting clinical trials with currently used drugs
  • Capacity strengthening
  • Equipment supply
  • Training of staff in participating centres
  • Workshops
  • Encouragement of networking.

All fundraising for the charity can make a huge difference.

In 2022 we have 2 runners in the London Marathon, 1 runner in the Virtual London Marathon and 3 riders in the all new RideLondon.

Please show your support by donating, and join us in the fight for a World Without TB!

Why we're raising money

The current incidence and prevalence of TB is severely straining the capacity of some National Tuberculosis Control Programmes to successfully administer the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommended standard 6-month treatment regimen. The estimated development of any new anti-tuberculosis drugs, from discovery to marketing, is approximately 20 years at a cost of $5billion. By testing different combinations of drugs that are already in use, WWTB believe that we can cut that development time by 10 years and at a far lower cost. This will provide a realistic and affordable Tuberculosis treatment regime for many countries in the world.

World Without Tuberculosis, is devoted to the rapid eradication of TB, by carrying out small scale clinical trials using drugs currently licensed and given for the treatment of the disease.

Trials of these drugs in new combinations could cut the length of time patients have to take their medicine by a third, and possibly even by half.

In the absence of an effective vaccine, a substantial reduction of treatment duration offers the only hope of reducing the mortality from tuberculosis.

Although, the first objective of the Millennium Development Goals has not been met, if in the next 5 years treatment duration for tuberculosis can be substantially reduced, there is a real possibility that the second goal of tuberculosis elimination by 2050 can be met.

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