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About us

At the Spring Centre, supporting children, young people and their families is at the core of our work. Our main aim is to improve the quality of life for the child or young person as well as their family group.

We understand that children and young people who have special needs and disabilities face an incredible amount of challenges during their lives – we also understand that their families may face many challenges as well, whether that be coming to terms with the child’s condition, needing specialist help for the first time, or just needing someone to talk to who really understands.

Our services provide opportunities for children and young people and their families to access a tailored programme of activities aimed at improving and enriching quality of life for them all.

We rely on support from fundraising and grants to meet our costs. 

Supporting our runners with sponsorship really makes a difference. They are incredible people giving their time to train and attend the event, we are so grateful to them and you for the support. Thank you

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