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Royal Air Force Museum

About us

The RAF Museum is a registered charity and we need your help to enable us to continue to share the RAF story, the people who shape it, and its place in our lives. Stories have the power to inspire us, amaze us, educate us, motivate us and change us for the better. They are part of our national narrative and collective identity, but a story is only powerful if it is heard.

The RAF Museum’s collection, which underpins your story, has over 1.3 million items, ranging in size from aircraft to logbooks, and spanning more than a century of the RAF story. Our ambition and responsibility is to share our collection and your stories with everyone.

The Museum relies heavily on fundraising and our commercial operations and, a result of the pandemic, we have experienced a reduction of over £3 million in our self-generated income.

There are lots of opportunities for getting involved with keeping the RAF Museum flying. You can join one of our Challenge Events, raise money by organising your own fundraising event, signing up to a regular gift or by visiting one of our sites either in the Midlands or London..

Museums matter - they have the power to change lives.

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