Intercountry Adoption Centre

IAC - The Centre for Adoption

About us

For 25 years we have worked with thousands of children and families whose lives are affected by adoption across the world.

Running on our behalf for the London Marathon will help raise funds to help support the world’s most disadvantaged children including those awaiting adoption in the UK.

Whether these children are living in institutions or in foster care they are waiting for a family to belong to – something that we all cherish so dearly.

IAC transforms the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children by bringing them together with families who can offer them a home. We then support them all, for life, to make sure children can thrive and reach their potential. Unbelievably though, there is little funding for this work, so every penny we raise through fundraising goes towards providing crucial, life-long support.

For more information about the charity and the work that we do please visit our website: or visit our social media. 

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