About us

Dyscover provides long-term support and opportunities to people with aphasia and their families. Aphasia is a neurological condition, acquired through stroke, brain injury or rare form of dementia and can be very isolating and frustrating. Aphasia affects a person's communication, including their ability to find words, construct sentences and to understand language, both written and spoken.

Dyscover works to inform, support and empower people with aphasia to manage their communication disability and to reengage with life. We create an aphasia friendly community in which people feel included, valued and have a sense of purpose. We offer structured, therapeutic group sessions to over 80 adults per week, either in person or online.

"Its getting better all the time...Dyscover has helped me to cope with my frustration and find space and time to communicate my needs"
"It was like turning a light on. Coming to Dyscover has helped me to improve my communication skills, regain confidence and a zest for life"

Please do support our Marathon runner and help us make a difference to the lives of people with aphasia. 

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