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About us

Aid International Development is a fund-raising, grant-making charitable trust. Since November 2000 we have been organising teams of people to do sponsored bike rides, treks and marathons across the world to raise money for a variety of projects and charities.

How do we work? AID is unique in that we do not have our own projects. Instead we support other charities, raising money for them to use as they see fit. Additionally, we send Build/Mission Teams to India and Mozambique to help out with a number of projects run by local charities, including Calvary Prayer Tower Church and Tutela Africa.

Where does the money go?  We also support projects in The Phillipines, Zambia and Rwanda as well as India and Mozambique.

Aid International has guaranteed places in the London Marathon.  If you would like to be considered for one please contact Bob Hamer at or on 07976 423990.   Each runner can nominate a recipient charity who will receive 70% of the net amount raised with the other 30% going to Aid International for the charities we support across the world.  The only deduction will be the cost of the Golden Bond place which is £370 + VAT (a total of £444) paid to the London Marathon - no other expenses will be deducted.




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